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June Newsletter

Dear Murray Hill Church,

Every summer in our family was the summer of games. It can be difficult to keep children entertained without the structure of school, so inviting some competition helped keep us away from solitary activities on the computer or in front of the TV. We kept a notebook with our running spades scores, battled it out over Sorry, and kept marathon Monopoly games going. Sitting down to play also allowed for easy conversations that usually dissolved into laughter and brought us closer together.

Connection, conversation and laughter are needed in any community, so this summer I would like to have a Murray Hill Summer of Games with several game nights at the parsonage. We will have some light refreshments and games out for people to play. Kris and I love games and have a closet full of options, but if you have a favorite game or snack, feel free to bring it along. This can also be a great way to get to know some people in churchyou haven’t connected with yet, or to invite a friend who hasn’tbeen to a Sunday service yet. I hope everyone can attend at least one game night.

  • Friday, June 1 @ 6:30p-8:30p
  • Thursday, June 28 @ 6:30p-8:30p
  • Saturday, July 14 @ 2p-4p
  • Friday, July 27 @ 6:30p-8:30p
  • Saturday, August 11 @ 2p-4p

Rev. Haley Eccles

Thank you, Murray Hill UMC, for your continued faithfulness! 

2018 Budget: $276,324.00
Expenses to Date: $106,394.06
Income to Date: $96, 564.03
Thrift Store Earnings YTD: $3057.00
May Altar Rail (Pastors Discretionary Fund): $81.00Mothers Day Dedications (VBS): $686.00
DLC Love Offering: $313.00


Altar Rail Monies go to UMCOR
Fathers Day Monies go to MHUMC Boy Scout Troop 251

*If you are unable to come to church but would like to recognize the important men in your life, please call Tabytha in the office at 387-4406 to dictate your fathers day Offerings. The cost per name is $1.00.

On May 10, Young at Heart met 32 strong with regulars and guests. It was so good to see you all. Marvin announced the passing of Doris Hires, longtime member, following several years of declining health. She always had a smile!! All seemed to enjoy having Barbara Langston and husband for their annual visit. She told of how she became interested in older things at the young age of 3. Keeping her interest through life has led her to become well known in estate sales as well as their personal sales. Many items were brought in for her to examine and give thoughts on value.As she has said for the last several years, ‘your things are more valuable to you than the open market’. 1950’s furniture is in and blues the color. Keep all that “stuff” andlove it. Next month, June 14, we will have Rebecca Harp presenting therapy dogs in the classroom. This should be very interesting as dogs are used so much in healing in everyday life. Come join us, bring your smiling face, favorite dish and join in the fellowship. See you June 14, 10:30 am.That’s a Thursday you know!!

Blessings & Take Care,
Marjorie Marvin


There is still time to pre-register your children / grand children for VBS 2018! Once again, the dates are June 18-22 from 5 pm – 8 pm. Dinner will be served each night, along with games, science projects, music, crafts and more! If you would like to contribute to the VBS event with food items or money, please call Tabytha in the office at 387-4406 and she can direct you on how best you can help! We look forward to serving your children and the Murray Hill community through this ministry!


June Anniversaries:
6/2 – George & Pat Robinson
6/25 – Bill & Jackie Samble
6/26 – Steve & Carolyn Singletary

June Birthdays:
6/3 – Bill Samble
6/5 – John Robinson, Jr.
6/7 – Jackie Samble
6/10 – Lise McKenney
6/15 – Patricia Freeman
6/16 – Darlene Webb
6/19 – Shelby Stevenson
6/20 – Fran Meyer
6/24 – Jann Clark
6/25 – Paula Pierce
6/30 – Larry Dixon

Don’t see your anniversary or birthday on the list? Call the office and let us know so we can add you to the list!

Homebound: Louise Anderson, Anna Hendrix, Sue Page, Margaret Woods, Pat McQuigg, Austin & Dot Browning, Juanita Pascak, Roney Hepler

Military Members: Michael Allen, Calob Jackson, Michael Maner, Thomas & Hollie Parrish, Sergio Aguilar, Jason Burford, Robert Crothers, Chris Liggins, Adam Hemminger

Health & Healing: Webb Family, Mary Presley, Sandy Bahret, Sills Family, Adside Family, Hester Family, Mason Jones, Nate & Mary Boles, Tim Carlisle, Pat Freeman, Trish Daniel, Joyce Eatman, Edith Stevenson, Barbara Glover, Delores Gong, Kevin & Keith, Mason Jones, Gail Carroll, David Cosentino, Kanter Family, Robert Price, Lucy Wing, Mary Boles, Sarah & Ava Farmer, Kifer Family, Barbara Glover,

The prayer request list “Health, Healing & Life” will reset every month. If you have a continual prayer request, please indicate so on your attendance sheet during Sunday service, or contact Tabytha in the office 387-4406.

On the calendar:

6/3 – Youth & Confirmation Sunday
6/5 – 7pm – SPRC meeting
6/7 – 10am – Mary Martha Ladies Circle
6/7 – 6:30pm – Lilian Churchill Ladies Circle
6/12 – 7pm – Trustees Meeting
6/21 – 11am – Friendship Lunch
6/25 – 6:30pm – UMM Dinner & Meeting
6/26 – 7pm – Finance Meeting *Note this has been moved to the 4th Tuesday*
6/29 – Youth Lock-in

Usher Schedule:

June 3: Eric Robinson, Shelby Stevenson, Richard Carroll, Nikki Brown
June 10: Beverly Goodell, Willis Webb, Dave & Nancy Madden
June 17: Charlie Lechner, Shelby Stevenson, Richard Carroll, Nikki Brown
June 24: Eric Robinson, Charlie Lechner, Rob Meyer, Willis Webb

Meals on Wheels:

1st Wed.: Thom & Julia May
2nd Wed.: Dave Madden
3rd Wed.: Richard Carroll
4th Wed.: Church & Rheta Voss
5th Wed.: Carroll Stevenson

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