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February 2019

Dear Murray Hill Church,

    You may have noticed a new team meeting in the bulletin and in our newsletter. Our Special Operations Team, or “Special Ops” for short. Using new leadership principles, this team seeks to lead in a new world that doesn’t seek out the church, and yet we believe that God is seeking all people and wishes to draw them closer to him.  

    The name started as a joke, but I have grown to love it. It’s a mission. We don’t want anyone to be left out! We know that Jesus needs a team who will risk to love people that the world doesn’t and will risk to tell the good news to people who have given up hope. It is this movement of the Spirit that can bring life and hope into our church and our community. 

    Your Special Ops team has created a new mission and vision, and we will spend the next five Sundays introducing it, but the vision statement is one that everyone should have memorized and seek to live by:

    Good Neighbors becoming better neighbors. 

    For us to do this we will need to get to know our neighbors and know how we can do better. How can we reach our community and be a light? Being a better neighbor is achievable for each one of us. We don’t want this statement to just be beautiful words, we want it to challenge us and transform us into a better people of God. 


     Rev. Haley Eccles

Thank you, Murray Hill UMC, for your continued faithfulness! 


2019 Budget: $250,384.00
Expenses YTD: $ 14,234.54
Income YTD: $16,517.31
Thrift Store Earnings YTD: $ 419.00
January Altar Rail : $44.00

Online Giving

We are accepting tithes and donations through PayPal. If you are interested:
1. Go to
2. Setup a personal account
3. Search for MHUMC by our email which is a.
4. Enter in payment information OR
We are also on Venmo – find us by searching Murray Hill UMC! (this can be downloaded as an app on your phone)

Click Donate Now on the Murray Hill UMC Facebook page and you will be directed straight to PayPal as well!

Can you believe the first month of 2019 is about over? Time flies!!  Y at H had another good meeting in January, but only 22 strong.  Chaplin Kimberly Weir, Dir. of the FL Christian center, had a program presentation of the services available right here in our neighborhood. Housing and support services. I really never knew so many things were there on that campus. We had our usual good food and fellowship but we did wish there were more present. Next month we will have a return of Rochelle Hamm, widow of one of the El Faro seamen lost at sea during the memorable hurricane. Her topic is “Day of Love”. I’m sure she will bring us up on all the changes of care of our seamen. Come and bring a friend. Look forward to seeing everyone next month. Take Care!

-Marjorie Marvin

2/8 – Lock in & Youth Quake Live – meet at the church between 6-7 pm. Pick up Sat 2/9 @ 8 am. $10 per youth

2/23 – Let Your Star Shine at our first annual Talent Show & Silent Auction ! Tickets are $5 each includes spaghetti dinner & show (no charge if participating in talent show).  No Talent too small or too big – All are welcomed and encouraged to participate! 5-9 pm

2/24 –Roller Skating – OP Skate Station $9.00/each (free if not skating!) Meet at church @ 12 return approx. 3pm

**Scholarships available if needed to help cover costs**


In this newsletter is the minutes from the meeting to approve MHUMC moving to a single committee meeting. 

Next Meeting:

February 12, 2019 @ 7 pm – New Beginnings Class

Curious about Dinner Church?

Our Conference has provided an opportunity for training and financial support so we can reach out to people in our community and share the gospel for the first time. We will be meeting to study beginning this Fresh Expression by starting a dinner church. If you are curious about this or want to join the team, join us as we study this book together after our morning worship service in the fellowship hall. 

January Praises

  • January 13 we received 4 new members to the church.
  • We have an opportunity to celebrate the faithful service of so many who have dedicated their time and talents to committees like: Worship: Marlene Garberson, Staci Robinson and Dolores Gong.  SPRC: Kathy Lechner, Reba Williams, Pat Crouch, Wendell Blue, and Laura Maner. Finance: Bev Gooddell, Marian Keeler, Fran Meyer, and Marvin Hollis. Nominations: Lois Price. Church Council Chair: Shelby Stevenson.  Although these members are stepping down this year, it is important to recognize them for their contributions! Thank you!
  • The Youth have gone through Usher and Communion Service training with Director of Children & Youth Ministries Michelle Jacobsen, and are eager to start serving MHUMC during worship services! This is vital to a growing church, to teach and pass down the traditions!

A Delayed “Thank You”

My “thank-you’s” to each of you did not make it to the bulletins or newsletters as scheduled. So, I wish now to thank each of you who contributed to the children’s home program. Your money has enabled the staff to provide for the children in many ways; socially, educationally and spiritually. I am grateful for your doing so all year long, and so is our God. “Thank-you” from the children and parents, from the home and staff. – Ann Andrews FLUMCH Rep. 

Special Charge Conference Meeting Notes

•January 15, 2019 members of the church met for a special charge conference meeting to elect and vote on new leaders for 2019. We also discussed moving from 4 separate committee meetings per month to a Single Committee Meetingwhere all 4 groups would meet together.
•The single committee meeting will be comprised of the members of Trustees, SPRC, Finance, Nominations with a Lay leader. •This Single Committee meeting structure is being used by different Methodist Churches. Presiding Elder Kevin Griffin, pastor of Crossroad UMC facilitated the meeting alongside Rev Haley Eccles. 
•The group of members voted to change MHUMC to the single committee meeting structure, which will help us to make key decisions seamlessly by having all chair-persons in one meeting at one time. 
•This group will meet every 2ndTuesday of each month. •Since the SPR committee will be included in this meeting, the discussions will remain completely confidential, and closed to voting members only. 
•If any member of MHUMC has a topic for discussion and wishes for their voice to be heard, they are welcomed and invited to present any topic to the single committee, but the discussions and votes will be closed to voting members only. 
•If you have any questions please feel free to call us in the office during regular office hours!
•Thanks so much to our those members who participated in this special meeting. 

February Anniversaries:


February Birthdays:

2/3 Betty Curtis
2/7 Jane Dixon
2/10 Louise Anderson
2/13 Phyllis Caba
2/14 Kathy Lechner
2/14 Staci Robinson
2/16 Marlene Garberson
2/26 Janice Lane
2/28 Lois Price

Don’t see your anniversary or birthday on the list? Call the office and let us know so we can add you to the list!


Louise Anderson, The Browning’s, Anna Hendrix, Roney Hepler, Pat McQuigg, Sue Page, Juanita Pascak, Edith Stevenson, Margaret Woods

Military Members

Sergio Aguilar, Michael Allen, Jason Burford, Robert Crothers, Adam Hemminger, Calob Jackson, Chris Liggins, Michael Maner, Hollie Parris, Thomas Parrish

Healing & Life

Adside, Stills & Hester Families, The Presley’s, Gail Carroll, Sandy Bahret, Pat Freeman, Joyce Eatman, The Voss’s, Kanter & Price Family, Jackie Samble, Topolski Family, Tim Carlisle, Trish Daniel, Barbara Glover, Mason Jones, Mary Boles, David Cosentino, The Webb’s, Dolores Gong, Wanda Braddock, Lucy Wing, Megan Wilson, Pat Robinson, Susan Brock

*Please Re-Submit Requests For An Updated List* Thanks!

On the calendar:

2/7 @ 10 am – Mary Martha
2/9 @ 3 pm – Lillian Churchwell
2/12 @ 7 pm – Church Committee Meeting
2/21 @ 11 am – Friendship Lunch
2/25 @ 6:30 – United Methodist Men

Usher Schedule:

Feb 3: Willis Webb, Rob Meyer, Dave & Nancy Madden
Feb 10: Andrea, Andre, TJ, KK, Myra and Kimoria
Feb 17: Willis Webb, Charlie Lechner, Dave & Nancy Madden
Feb 24: Eric Robinson, Richard Carroll,   Rob Meyer, Bev Goodell

Meals on Wheels:

1st Wed.: Thom & Julia May
2nd Wed.: Dave Madden
3rd Wed.: Richard Carroll
4th Wed.: Chuck & Rheta Voss
5th Wed.: Carroll Stevenson

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